In your Crownover Law Firm | NFA Gun Trust System, you will be able to easily assign your Class 2 firearms in and out of your NFA Gun Trust to take advantage of non-probate aspects of your Trust.
Do you know how an NFA Gun Trust works? Do you know the different between a "Hub Trust" and a "Hub & Spoke Gun Trust?" Is it a good idea or a bad idea to list all of your Trustees ("users") in your Core Trust? What is a "Core Trust" anyway? Do you really need
(or want) to provide the ATF with a running inventory of all of your Trust Assets each time you purchase an NFA Asset?
If you live in one of the green states above, your personalized NFA Gun Trust will be prepared for you at the Crownover Law Firm by a licensed attorney, not a paralegal, for use in Gun Trust compatible locations.  Any green state above is a compatible location.